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Dyno test

Here is a video of the dyno test that we did to see what the Voltaggio does on a stock BMW 325i. The dyno test comprises of 12 runs, 6 before using the Voltaggio and 6 after. The video shows the best 3 before, and the best 3 after.

Note that the dyno chart comparing the best runs before and after using the Voltaggio showed an increase in power throughout the entire power curve.

The purpose of a voltage stabilizer is not to improve horsepower but to smoothen, protect and optimize the vehicle. The purpose of measuring horsepower gain is to proof that the voltage stabilizer is actually doing something.

Note that while 1.8 horses is not a big number, you could see that the curve is better low down as well. This means it is actually doing something. Notice that the power curves are very similar and consistent low down between the same mode of running and that peak power fluctuation is caused by dyno errors, spikes and ambient factors. In order to make a fair comparison, the length of the entire power curve will have to be taken into consideration.

And finally, we would like to inform our customers to be cautious when viewing the dyno results of other companies which are often exaggerated using various tricks in order to entice customers.

Our dyno test is done without using any tricks which can vary the horsepower before and after using the product. No modifications are made to the vehicle in this test. No manipulating of headlights, air conditioner, or accessories is employed, and of course, we do not manipulate the throttle position. The 1.83 rear-wheel horsepower gain is solely through the use of the Voltaggio. The figure of 1.83 RWHP in terms of average power gain isn't too outlandish to be real either. The battery used in this car is also new, and this eliminates the extra power that could be realized when using a voltage stabilizer on a car with a weak battery. Even the issue of battery age and condition is being put to rest in our test.

At Adhoc Technologies & Sciences, we show you things as they really are, and what you see is what you'll get. Choose certainty, choose value!

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